Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Days and Lemonade

Summer is here and oh what a hot one it is! We have been lucky so far. That derecho storm of June 29 zoomed past us leaving a few small fallen branches but the electricity was left in service, thank the good Lord! I know that many others are still without power to the west of us, especially in the DC area. Seeing reports on the news with interviews of the locals who are growing impatient with the slow response of their power companies, I got the idea that these are not people who are accustomed to adversity in their physical surroundings. As usual, I am hunkering down in the house, relishing the improved system that was installed last year. We have found ourselves buying lemons by the bag, along with strawberries, and making the nicest lemonade! I made a cup for someone yesterday without saying much about what it was, and when she finally took a sip of it, her eyes opened wide and she was quite pleasantly surprised at it. Personally, I have been trying to drink water or coffee, and not sweet or artificially sweetened drinks, but have been cooling off with one of these strawberry lemonades. Funny how some simple ingredients, the benefit of other peoples' knowledge, and the proper kitchen appliance can give us a refreshing tool to get through a blistering hot day.

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